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Ellyn Bache. MA, 1967. Novelist
A love of literature doesn't always translate into a love of literary criticism and textual research. But for Ellyn Bache, coming to that realization opened up whole new opportunities. Read more about Ellyn.

Joelle Biele. PhD, 1998. Writer, Scholar
Since getting her PhD in 1998, Joelle Biele has split her time between writing and family.  She’s written essays, fiction, and one play.  She has a new collection of letters, entitled Elizabeth Bishop and the New Yorker. Read more about Joelle.

Yvonne Brown. BA, 2003. Teacher, Writer, Archivist
Yvonne Brown is no stranger to the likes of Toni Morrison, Nikki Giovanni, and Edwidge Danticat, but rubbing elbows with famous people is not the only way her life is full of a love for English literature.  Read more about Yvonne.

 Rebecca Colemen. BA, 2007. Novelist
After publishing Desperado City in 2009, Rebecca’s second novel, The Kingdom of Childhood (2011), was snatched up by MIRA books as part of a three-book deal. Learn more about Rebecca's experiences here.

Mick Coogan. BA, 2000. Musician
Mick Coogan's band The Dance Party was offered a record contract in 2010. After eight years as an English teacher at an area high school Mick packed up and moved to Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean he left literature behind. Read more about Mick.

Michael Cook. BA, 2003. Technical & Creative Writer
Ranging from magazine articles to technical writing, short stories to LivingSocial deals, Michael Cook's post-graduation writing life is anything but one-dimensional. Read more about Mike.

William Dowling. BA, 2013. Research Analyst, Federal Reserve
Dowling explored opportunities with the federal government with an internship as a technical writer and policy reseearcher during his junior year at UMD, and discovered an apptitude for data analysis. Learn more about William here.

Bill Dunlap. BA, 1989. Visual Artist
Bill Dunlap's love for literature now serves as an inspiration for his visual art. Bill remains an active presence at the University, with his art hanging in front of the Office of Undergraduate Studies in Tawes Hall and a gallery, "Honorificabilitudinitatibus," on display in The Art Gallery. Read more about Bill.

Eleanor Elson Heginbotham. PhD, 1992. Professor, Writer
Professor Heginbotham reflects on lifelong learning and driving away dilettante terrors.  Read her reflection here.

John Kelly. BA, 1984. Journalist, The Washington Post
John Kelly is the recipient of the 2013 Distinguished Alumnus Award from ARHU. He writes "John Kelly's Washington" for the Washington Post.  Read more about John.

Jamie Lee. BA, 2013. Senior Consultant, Booz Allen
Lee uses skills as writer, editor, researcher, and analyst in a variety of projects. Read more about Jamie.

Michael Lukas. MFA, 2006. Novelist
After graduating from the MFA program in 2006, writing dozens of short stories, and receiving numerous grants, Lukas has recently published his first novel, The Oracle of Stamboul. Read more about Michael.

Dave McConnell. BA, 1959. Congressional Correpondent, Washington's Top News Radio (WTOP)
Dave McConnell has been a voice of WTOP for the last 50 years, first as a general reporter and then as the station's congressional correspondent. Read more about Dave.

Pamela Morse. BA, 2000. Director of Communications, Division of Research, UMD
Pamela R. Morse, an alumna of the English department, oversees the University's efforts to describe emergent research trends. Read more about Pamela.

Amanda Nachman. BA, 2007. Publisher, College Magazine
What happens when an aspiring entrepreneur, with English BA in hand, sets her sights on publishing a magazine for college students? Read more about Amanda.

Jamie Openden. BA, 2004. Teacher, Writer, Activist
Jaime Openden has combined her creative writing skills with a passion for teaching and social justice, leading to a rewarding teaching career and her own internet venture. Read more about Jaime.

Sharon Rosenblatt. BA, 2010. Director of Communications, Accessibility Partners
Sharon Rosenblatt is an arts and humanities graduate who has navigated the world of technology and business to become the Director of Communications at a Washington, DC start-up that helps to produce products for people with disabilities. Read more about Sharon.