Writing Programs


The Writing Programs at the University of Maryland offer instruction and guidance in academic and professional writing. Academic Writing (ENGL101) focuses on academic writing, while the Professional Writing Program (ENGL 390-395 and 398) prepares students for writing challenges beyond the university. The Writing Center provides assistance to undergraduates with writing assignments from any course across campus.

The Writing Programs are administered by their three directors with the support of the department's Director of Writing Programs and the Writing Committee. All composition and rhetoric faculty and other English department faculty appointed by the chair comprise this committee. Representatives from the committee also serve on the Campus Writing Board, a venue for considering writing across the university. 

For additional information about the department’s Writing Program, Writing Committee, and/or the Campus Writing Board, email Professor Shirley Logan at slogan@umd.edu.


Director, Writing Programs
Professor Shirley Logan

Director, Academic Writing
Linda Macri, PhD.

Director, Professional Writing
Professor Scott Wible

Director, Writing Center
Leigh Ryan, PhD.