Kari Kraus Receives Grant from NSF for Transmedia Storytelling and Educational Alternate Reality Game Project

October 9, 2013

Kari Kraus has received a grant from the National Science Foundation for a project involving transmedia storytelling and educational alternate reality games.

Annotated from Kari's blog:

Kari has recently obtained a substantial grant from the National Science Foundation in partnership with Brigham Young University, the Smithsonian, NASA, and the Computer History Museum. Kari will also partner with leading game designers, educators, researchers, and scientists to design and conduct research on two large-scale games. One game will focus on computational thinking, while the other will focus on deep-time sciences. Deep-time sciences are those sciences that deal with processes that occur over thousands or millions of years, such as the evolution of the galaxies or the continental drift of the earth. Both games will target teenagers ages 13-15, with special interest on girls and other groups underrepresented in STEM. The project will test two distinct types of transmedia fictions and study their effects on learning.