Congratulations to our 2020 English Honors Graduates

May 14, 2020

The Department of English's Honors Program is pleased to recognize its 2020 Honors Graduates.

Natalie Elaine Alexander, “Placing Elle Woods and Vinny Gambini on Trial: How
Popular Culture Creates Expectations of Lawyers and the Law”
Advisor: Oliver Gaycken

Jasmine Nisha Baten, “Dear Bangladesh: Developing Interiority and Nationalism
through Epistolarity in Tahmima Anam’s A Golden Age and The Bones of

Advisor: Sangeeta Ray

Soumini Chatterjee, “The Fabric of Fictional Arranged Marriages Interwoven With
a Touch of Reality”
Advisor: Sangeeta Ray

Cameryn Leigh Cole, “The Truth is Out There: The X-Files’ Embrace of the
Enlightenment Era”
Advisor: Andrew Ferguson

Sean Michael Corbitt, “Aspirations”
Advisor: Elizabeth Arnold

Maximillian John Hardman, “Suburban Western”
Advisor: Michael Olmert

Amelia Claire Huppert, “Encouragement of Reader Understanding and Economic
Literacy: An Analysis of Economic Journalism in The Wall Street Journal
Surrounding the Dot Com Boom”
Advisor: Sara Wilder

Joshua D. Ingram, “An Orator’s Game: The Rhetorical Praxis of Presidents”
Advisor: Vessela Valiavitcharska

Conor Andrew James, “Join Me in the Chorus: Unifying Contradictory National
Sentiments Through Music”
Advisor: Scott Trudell

Andrew Jason Katz, “Paul Krugman, the Financial Politician”
Advisor: Michael Israel

Lynn Michael Martin, “Why We are Silent: Anabaptist Poetry as an Exercise of
Advisor: Thomas Moser

Julia Grace Novick, “The Role of Fantasy in Understanding Cultural Traumatic
Memory: Confronting the Past with Kindred and See Under: Love
Advisor: Chad Infante

Amy Catherine O’Neill, “Certainly, This Must Make it a Garden”
Advisor: Emily Flamm

Nehali Patel, “How Do You Say Sari in English?: Identity Formation in Shailja
Patel’s Migritude
Advisor: Merle Collins

Gustavo Andres Quintero, “Fantastic Environments as Socio-Political
‘Thought Experiments’ in Secondary World Fiction”
Advisor: Thomas Moser

Emily Nicole Ratliff, “The Ghosts of Narrative: On Conventions that Linger or
Advisor: Brian Richardson

Hunter Michael Sparks, “He-Man to She-Ra: The Evolution of Gender
Representation in Children’s Cartoons”
Advisor: Melanie Kill

Kevin Richard Stoll, “Equal Rights for All? Race, Representation, and Justice in
the Works of Harper Lee”
Advisor: Edlie Wong

Ethan Charles Welsh, “The Legend of Charlie Prince—Part 1: Angelus”
Advisor: Lee Konstantinou

Ayanna Sierra Wright, “The Importance of Historical Context in Their Eyes
Were Watching God

Advisor: Julius Fleming