English Student Spotlight

May 1, 2020

Get to know some of our undergraduate English students including their job and intern experiences, favorite classes, skills learned and more.

Senior Profile

"The point of literature is to communicate an experience, to tell a story, and for so many marginalized people seeing ourselves in literature or fiction is powerful. The English major has taught me the importance of using your voice when you have one because so many people don't."

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"As an English major, you learn to analyze information and form your own opinions in a constructive manner, which is invaluable in today's world. This has also made me a very open-minded person, which has helped me get along with people from many different backgrounds."

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"The dream has always been to end up in the film and television industry. I’ve worked on a bunch of student films and music videos as well as on a couple of bigger productions in a wide range of roles. I’d ultimately like to end up directing one day."

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"I can really do anything I want with my degree. My abilities to read and retain, research and produce, communicate efficiently and adapt to anything have all been learned and practiced as an English Major."

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"The English major is unique in how it creates communities of people who are curious about the world and why things are the way they are."

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"The most valuable part of the English major has been the space that the community has afforded me to think, read, write, discuss, and challenge ideas that I never would have encountered otherwise.  The curiosity I was able to cultivate among peers and professors is indelible.

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"For me, the most valuable part of being an English major was the opportunity to really get to know all of the other kids in my department and to cultivate great relationships with many of the professors. Tawes and all of the people in it really began to feel like home to me."

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"I have become a more critical reader and a more critical observer of things that I encounter. I am also better able to make arguments and defend them, and I have become more aware of what great art is and what great writing is and how to appreciate it when I see it."

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"The English major has shown me the true power of literature, of stories. I hope to be a part of that someday."

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"My skills with literary analysis, creative writing and my writing in general have all significantly improved since I started studying at UMD."

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