Nahid Ahmadian, Scholarly and Popular Publications and Dramaturgy at the Kennedy Center

February 4, 2020

Last Fall, Nahid Ahmadian worked as a dramaturg for a production by the Alma Theatre Company at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She also published articles in Literary Criticism Quarterly and the Iranian newspaper Shargh Daily.

As a dramaturg, Nahid collaborated with Alma Theater Company on the performance of Home, a Persian play written by Naghmeh Samini. The performance was staged on November 8 at The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.

Also, recently she has published a column on poetic quality of colloquial Persian in Shargh Daily, an Iranian newspaper based in Tehran. See: Ahmadian, Nahid. "Understanding Colloquial Persian." Shargh Daily [Tehran], vol. 17, no. 3541, 5 October 2019, p. 16.

Earlier her review on one Persian performance in DC had appeared in the same newspaper. See: Ahmadian, Nahid. "Abadan in DC: a review of the play Lost in the Ocean Waves." Shargh Daily [Tehran], vol. 16, no. 3443, 3 June 2019, p. 10.

Her article on dramatic adaptions of One Thousand and One Nights stories also appeared in Literary Criticism Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal of Tarbiyat Modares University Press.  See: Ahmadian, Nahid. "A Study of One-Thousand-and-One-Nights Plays of Rezā Kamāl Based on Linda Hutcheon’s Adaptation Theory." Literary Criticism Quarterly, 2019; 12 (47).