Steven Kleinman, MFA, wins the 2019 Philip Levine Prize for Poetry

February 4, 2020

Steven Kleinman (MFA, University of Maryland, 2011) is the winner of the 2019 Philip Levine Prize for Poetry book contest, which includes the publication of his debut book, Life Cycle of a Bear

The Philip Levine Prize for Poetry is an annual national book contest awarded by the Creative Writing Program at Fresno State University. C.G. Hanzlicek, the Levine Prize final judge and award-winning poet wrote of the winning entry: “I was instantly haunted by the rhythms in Steven Kleinman’s poems. Through parallel phrasing, he builds a momentum that seems partly song and partly incantation. Incantations can be a dangerous thing, and he does indeed take us to some dark places, but he also has a playful mind that can lead to hilarity (see his poem ‘The Last Supper’)." Read more about Steven's award here.

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Image: Steven Kleinman