Michael Olmert Lectures on History, Interviewed by Signature Theatre

January 28, 2020

Michael Olmert was interviewed for a video about Caryl Churchill's play ESCAPED ALONE (2017). The video was shown on a loop in the Signature Theatre's lobby during the run of the play in September-October 2019.

He also gave an illustrated talk on 18th-Century slave infirmaries and sick-houses (in the Caribbean and British North America) at the St. Michael's (MD) Museum. Olmert is a member of the Museum's Board of Directors.

For the Talbot Historical Society, Olmert gave four walking and talking lectures in historic Easton, Md. The audience was the AP Human Geography class from Easton High School. The 2-hour lectures covered architecture, intention, and art; the Quakers, Slavery, and the Third Haven Meeting House; Free-Black housing on The Hill; and ecclesiastical, public, and monumental architecture. Olmert is also on the board of the Talbot County Historic Society.