Club Highlight: The Writer's Bloc

July 10, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered why popular publications such as The Diamondback never seem to highlight the creative activities that permeate throughout the University, the answer is quite simple. You’ve been looking at the wrong source for your daily dose of creative content!

A student-run publication, The Writer's Bloc is the University’s premier news outlet for the arts on campus and within the greater DMV area. The digital magazine aims to bring focus to unique and overlooked stories regarding the different events and conversations happening on and off campus from creative angles. If you are looking to hone your writing skills while focusing on topics that are not necessarily related to English, then The Writer's Bloc is the place for you.

With exciting topics such as politics, issues regarding the LGBTQ+ community, and art to name a few, The Writer's Bloc has truly cemented itself as the go-to publication for those artsy folks who want to be in the know of what’s happening on and around campus. Is there an artist you love but wish they could get the recognition they deserve? Check out the The Writer's Bloc Music Lounge where writers can showcase campus, local and underground talent. Feeling your inner music critic? Then go ahead and write a great review of your favorite artist's latest album. Showcase your passion for activism by writing a piece dedicated to the efforts of those persons, groups or organizations on campus working hard to make a change. Are you a photographer that wants to display your skill set? The Writer's Bloc also accepts and publishes photo essays! Whether you want to write a great article, flex your poetry skills, or give readers a quick entertaining read, The Writer's Bloc covers all topics.

If you are interested in becoming a reporter, copyeditor, photographer or videographer, you can find their online application here. There is no application deadline, so students are welcome to submit their application at any time. The requirements for each position vary, so be sure to read through the application and instructions thoroughly. Meeting times and locations are only given to those persons whose application is accepted. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about the elusive and well-rounded artsy publication, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

This Club Highlight was written by Octavia Hutson. Octavia is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland.