Andrew Katz's Recent Presentations and Conferences

May 29, 2019

Andrew Katz's paper, which focuses on the culture around a method of investing that was new in the 19th century, known as speculation, in the U.S. and U.K. through literature, was recently accepted to several conferences and professional research competitions. His work was recognized at Stanford’s SRC as the top presentation in a qualitative social science.

Katz's paper was accepted to Harvard’s NCRC, Stanford’s SRC, The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ ESP, and the Northeast MLA’s forum, as well as four other conferences and professional research competitions. His paper originated from Dr. Jason Rudy's Victorian Literature course. 

The conference had many highlights. At Harvard, Feng Zhang, Nobel Laureate Economist Oliver Hart, former Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, as well as many other distinguished professors and professionals, gave talks about their respected disciplines, research, and initiatives. Stanford and the Dallas Fed also included internationally acclaimed professors, professionals, and economists motivating student researchers to continue doing what they were doing. In all, there were panels discussing graduate school, industry vs academia, diversity, as well as workshops, tours, luncheons, networking events and more.



Andrew Katz receives "Outstanding Presenter Award"