32nd Annual Professional Writing Contest Awards and Winners

May 28, 2019

Please see below the winners of the 32nd Annual Professional Writing Contest.

2019.05.15 Awards for PWP StudentsBailey Covington won the Other Outstanding Project Award for her paper, "Explaining Black & White Commemorative Difference in the Postbellum South," instructed by Mark Forrester.

Sarah Bank won the Manual Award for "Flexible Filament FDM Printing @ Terrapin Works," instructed by Pam Orel.

Katherine Stennette won the Grant Proposal Award for her paper, "Understanding Genetic Resistance to Tropilaelaps European Honey Bees," instructed by  Richard Reynnells.

Pravina Hasselbalch won the Campus Proposal Award for "Proposal for the Implementation of Alternatives to Plastic Straws & Cutlery in the Stamp Union," instructed by David Todd. 

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