Professor Jermaine Jones's Accomplishments

May 28, 2019

Professor Jermaine Jones won the 2013 Best Male Author of the Year Award for his publication, From Poverty to Prosperity: A Ghetto Exit Strategy as a Rite of Passage.

Although it has been released already, it is exceedingly relevant and applicable to today's race related issues in America (subtle and overt) and frames the persistent sparring, as well as the culprit that perpetuates and inflames uninterrupted duels for Blacks to contend with on a daily basis. 

Rather than opting for silence and ignoring the elephant in the room, through various allegories, he acknowledges and highlights the uninterrupted enigmas, job barriers, educational obstructions, and self-sedating pitfalls faced by minorities today in America. With urgency, he meticulously addresses how these monopolies are endlessly suppressing the black race, but he also forwards what he believes to be key solutions which will counter these strongholds and enhance blacks' probability of surviving America.