From UC-Irvine: "4 Reasons the Future Will Rely on Humanities Majors"

March 11, 2019

Tyrus Miller, Dean of the Humanities at UC Irvine, observes, "The humanities are where many future leaders, communicators, scholars, CEOs, storytellers, creatives, directors, writers and entrepreneurs come to get their start. While the disciplines of the humanities themselves are distinct, together they provide students with a common set of skills that employers of today, and especially those of the future, will rely on."

He articulates these reasons:

1. The credibility of information will only become harder to decipher. . . .[Humanities help us] know what we know.

2. The humanities are a necessary partner to STEM. . . . [When we bring] storytellers, artists, and communicators to the table with scientists [we] break down barriers between knowledge and contribute to solutions.

3. Technological and medical advancements will need humanists to ensure progress and ethical futures. . . . Humanistic perspectives can illuminate any discipline, including technology and medicine, to ensure that human progress and the human experience are accounted for in decisions to advance technology and medicine.

4. The humanities help catalyze valuable innovations in society, government, business, culture and entertainment, and even science and technology. . . . . The disciplines and expertise of the humanities can train you to frame new questions, interpret texts and images more subtly and more deeply, understand nuances of human motivation and communication, bring together different cultural perspectives productively, and make ethical choices about the values that motivate publics and clients.

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2019.03.11: Graphic from UC Irvine, includes Shakespeare, film, futuristic imaging.