Brian Richardson: Publications and Other News

May 21, 2018

Brian Richardson published several pieces: “Experimental Fiction and Narrative Theory,” in Frontiers of Narrative Studies, “The Status of Historical Characters in Drama: Ontological, Aesthetic, Verisimilar” in Letras de Hoje (Brazil); “De la narratologie non naturelle [“On Unnatural Narratology”]” in Introduction à la narratologie postclassique; “Unusual Voices and Multiple Identities” in Pronouns in Literature; “Reale und implizite Autoren” [‘Real and Implied Authors’]” in Grundthemen der Literaturwissenschaft: Erzählen; “The Rhetoric of Knowledge and the Rhetoric of Pleasure,” is in the current issue of Style, and an interview with Li Minrui on narrative theory in Foreign Literature Studies (China). He also edited a special issue of the journal, Frontiers of Narrative Studies (Winter 2017).

Talks and teaching: He gave several invited lectures on modernism and narrative theory for the ALSCW at Catholic University, at Tel Aviv University, and a series of three lectures at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. He was a Visiting Professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem in March where he gave two more talks and taught a class on Joyce’s Ulysses. At the University of Paris 7 (Diderot), he led a seminar for students and faculty on unnatural narrative theory in April. He also read a paper on the poetics of contradictory plots at the Narrative Conference in Montreal in April.