Updates from Cameron Mozafari

May 21, 2018

At the 2018 CCCC in Kansas City, I organized a workshop title "Corpus Approaches to Teaching and Studying Writing," sponsored by the Linguistics, Language, and Writing Standing Group, and I co-led, with Michael Israel, a workshop session on constructing and performing preliminary analysis of a corpus of written text, using UMD's "Interpolations" first year writing journal, the Michigan Corpus of Upper-level Student Writing (MICUSP), and the academic subcorpus of the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA-A).

I also presented a paper titled "I think throughout the Semester," which uses corpus methods to analyze the hedge I think in moments of self-assessment in reflective writing. This paper was part of a panel which showcased preliminary findings of a study being run in our Academic Writing Program on the roles of revision and reflection in first-year writing pedagogy.

I was also voted co-chair of the Linguistics, Language, and Writing Standing Group, a group strengthening the CCCC foundational belief that knowledge of language can help improve writing instruction.