CLCS Spring Funding Cycle

June 20, 2017

The Center for Literary and Comparative Studies is pleased to announce the recipients of their Spring Funding Cycle.

Special Projects

1. Andrea Frisch, SLLC, and Shaun Russell,  ENGL
MEM-UM conference: "Migrations: Body, Word, Spirit. November 10-11, 2017.

2. Hester Baer, Comparative Literature/Film Studies/German  
FILM conference: Constellations of the Political: Media and Representation in the Neoliberal Age, April 2018

3. Ralph Bauer,  ENGL
I-series UG conference: Encountering New Worlds in the Early Modern Period, 8 December 2017.

4. Kyle Bickoff, ENGL
Capital Vol. 1 Reading Group, Sept 1 2017 - May 1 2018.

5. Danielle Griffin, ENGL
August Orientation Lunch; 2017-18 Alumni Lecture Event; End of Fall Lunch; Spring Faculty Awards Ceremony; Professionalization Events

6. Emily Johnson,  English Undergraduate Association, Writers Dead & Gone, Fall 2017: 9/26, 10/31, 11/28. Spring 2018: 2/27, 3/27, 4/24.

7. Gerard Holmes, Graduate Student, ENGL
Humanities Beyond the Academy, Monthly.

8. Agyeiwaa Asante, Undergraduate Student, ENGL
African Diaspora Reading Group and Speaker Series. Complexifying Conversations:
The Afro-Latinx Identity, November 16 & 17 with weekly discussions throughout the semester

9. Pierce Brown, Graduate Student, ENGL
Contemporary Poetry Reading Group

10. Sangeeta Ray, Tenure-line faculty, ENGL
Thinking Form, March 9, 2018

Legacy Groups

10. Robert Steven Levine
Local Americanists | Local Americanists Lecture Series    

11. Orrin Wang
 Washington Area Romanticists Group, WARG Fall and Spring Talks, Fall 17 & Spring 18.

12. Jason Rudy,  Transatlantic Group,
Transatlantic Lecture Series, 2017-18 academic year.

13. Lindsay Bernal, Staff, English/Creative Writing.
Writers Here & Now. 9/6/17; 10/11/17; 12/6/17; 2/7/18; 3/14/18; 4/11/18; 5/2/18    

14. Michael Israel and Vessela Valiavitcharska, Language, Rhetoric, and Writing, LWR Speaker Series; reading group meetings; pizza lunches    

15. Laura Rosenthal,
Eighteenth-Century Reading Group. Speaker plus a conference, The Intermedia Restoration. Dates: Oct 9, 2017 for speaker

16. Scott Trudell, Medieval and Renaissance area group
Marshall Grossman Lecture Series, Four speakers.

17. Laura Rosenthal & Scott Trudell,
Conference: The Intermedia Restoration. Dates: December 1, 2017, or February or early March.