Joshua Weiner Recent Publications

June 22, 2017
Joshua Weiner read in a protest event this spring at the Queens Museum in Flushing that also launched the anthology, Resist Much/Obey Little, noted in a front page New York Times article about poetry and protest in the age of Trump.  
The NYT article can be found here:
A flyer for the anthology can be found here:
An interview about The Berlin Notebook conducted by Deborah Kalb coincided with Josh's judging of the Bethesda Literary Festival's poetry competition; the interview can be found here:
Some new poems by Josh published this spring can be found at these online journals:
A review of Hungarian poet, Szilárd Borbély's long poem, Berlin . Hamlet, can be found here:
Josh's work also appeared this spring in Oversound, a journal founded and edited by MFA alum, Liz Countryman; and a short poetry film of his was featured at an exhibit by Polish painter, Henryk Czesnik, of paintings inspired by Shakespeare, at the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre.