Setsuko Yokoyama Publications and Conference Papers

June 21, 2017

At MLA 2017 "Digital Frost" panel (January, 2017), Setsuko Yokoyama co-organized and presented on the ongoing, cross-institutional efforts to develop a digital platform for Robert Frost. Including Setsuko, the panel featured Natalie Gerber, Donald G. Sheehy, Jay Satterfield, Molly Schwartzburg, Lisa Seale, Jason Camlot, and Martha Nell Smith. It covered a history of Frost’s editions and intended audiences, rationale and challenges of digitizing and managing archival resources, the nature of Frost’s public talks, appearances, and recordings as well as the politics and ethics surrounding digital archival development.

Setsuko’s other conference presentations and forthcoming publications include the following:

  • “Critical Unmaking: DRM, Proprietary Networks, and Versioning Variances in 3-D Printing Technologies” (April, 2017): a panel presentation with Kyle Bickoff, Jeffrey Moro, and Andy Yeh, delivered at 2017 Rutgers-Camden Archive of Digital ephemera Symposium (R-CADE).
  • “Surfaces, Standards, Layers, Stacks: Towards a Platform Textuality” (June, 2017): a roundtable presentation with Kyle Bickoff and Jeffrey Moro at the 2017 International Interdisciplinary Conference of Society for Textual Scholarship.
  • “Digital Frost Project: An Overview & the Invitation” (forthcoming): a paper to be published in The Robert Frost Review 27.
  • “Digital Technologies for Exploring Prosody: A Brief Historical Overview” (forthcoming): an article to be published in Stanford’s Arcade "Colloquies".