Writing Program Receives 2016-17 CCCC Certificate of Excellence

November 30, 2016

Congratulations to the English Department's Writing Programs (AWP, PWP, and the Writing Center) on having been awarded the CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence.

This is the highest ​award for programmatic excellence conferred by the most prestigious professional body in the field of Rhetoric and Composition.  The award recognizes the outstanding quality of ​our department's writing instruction (staffing, class size, number of programs addressing college literacy issues).  ​The award committee also noted the diversity of strategic alliances and the sophistication of the assessment work being performed. The effective marriage of ongoing life online with sophisticated best practices in an impressive array of university contexts was also ​heralded.​

Thank you Leigh Ryan, Tom Earles, Doug Kern, Nabila Hijazi, Vessela Valiavitcharska, Jess Enoch, Elizabeth Miller, Justin Lohr, Cameron Mozafari, Ruth Osorio, Scott Eklund, Scott Wible, Oliver Brearey, Mark Forrester, Thomas Lowderbaugh, Rebecca Holden, ​and ​Helen McClung​ ​for your extraordinary efforts toward making our writing programs stellar and ​nationally recognized as such.