English Majors Win ARHU Awards

November 20, 2016

English majors Aiyah Sibay and Jenna Bachmann were recipients of ARHU awards.

Aiyah Sibay is the recipient of a 2016 ARHU Dean’s Senior Scholars Award. Each year, departments from Arts and Humanities nominate exceptional students for the ARHU Dean’s Senior Scholars Award. One student from each department is selected from the nomiations.

Jenna Bachmann is the recipient of the James F. Harris Arts & Humanities Visionary Scholarship and the Catherine F. Vuozzo Scholarship. The Harris Scholarship recognizies students with outsanding academic achievemaent and participation in the Arts & humanities community. The Vuozzo Scholarship is awarded annually to one student in the College of Arts & Humanities based on academic merit.

Congratulations to Aiyah and Jenna on their accomplishments. We wish them continued success in their academic careers!