Martha Nell Smith Publishes in Chinese Journals, Among Other News

March 23, 2016

Martha Nell Smith published three articles in three different Chinese journals. The pieces were generated from her work coordinating a Poetry & Translation Conference at Fudan University in Shanghai in November 2014. Keep reading to learn more.

The pieces are as follows:
“Manuscripts, Print, Digital: Reading Emily Dickinson in Translation,” Comparative Literature, World Literature (CLWL), Journal of the Chinese Comparative Literature Association, Peking University Press (December 2015), 214-225.

“Introduction to Essays on Translating Emily Dickinson,” and essays, with Baihua Wang, Fudan University. Comparative Literature, World Literature (CLWL), 182-184, 184-213.

 “Introduction to Essays on Emily Dickinson,” and essays, with Baihua Wang, Fudan University, COWRIE: A Journal of Comparative Literature and Culture 13.1 (2015), 1-115.

Smith delivered “The Humanities are Not a Luxury: A Manifesto for Disruption” as the keynote lecture for the Georgetown English Graduate Student Association interdisciplinary conference, “Normalcy and Its Discontents Conference.” She has also been advising on a new documentary on Emily Dickinson being produced by Terence Davies’ film company, Hurricane Films (based in Liverpool), and last week was interview extensively for the documentary. Next week she’ll be presenting “Dickinson’s Manuscripts, Forever Unsettling” at C19 at Penn State University.