Donna B. Hamilton Invited to Participate in Shakespeare Association Annual Meeting, Among Other News

March 3, 2016

Donna B. Hamilton is an invited participant to the Shakespeare Association Annual Meeting in New Orleans, March 23-27, in the seminar “Re-appraising the Admiral’s Men,” led by Tom Rutter and Todd Borlik. Keep reading for more updates.

Donna B. Hamilton’s Virgil and “The Tempest”: The Politics of Imitation (Ohio State University Press, 1990) is being released in paperback.
Donna B. Hamilton will be the guest of the University of Macau, April 8-17, where she will give presentations to faculty and staff on the relationship between learning outcomes and assessment rubrics, to undergraduate students on the challenge of choosing a course of study in the context of pressure from the worlds of business and politics to choose only STEM, and to the Department of English on Fletcher and Shakespeare’s Two Noble Kinsmen.