In Play: Games, Aesthetics, Performance

March 4, 2016
9:00 - 5:00 PM
2115 Tawes Hall and Ulrich Recital Hall, 1121 Tawes Hall


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In Play, a one-day conference, explores play as the principle of innovation and experimentation that underwrites gaming, performance, and other cultural, social, and aesthetic activities. Key questions In Play poses include: How can the study of computer gaming, in line with studies of other cultural forms and productions, contribute to culture studies in the academy? How have embodied performance and play historically enabled possibilities for both freedom and domination, for the making as well as unmaking of societies? How does a focus on play complicate recent scholarship on the global history of experimental art forms?

In Play is free and open to the public.

Planning Committee

Hester Baer; Sarah Bonnie; Susanna Compton; Sarah Dowman; Julius Fleming; Matthew Kirschenbaum; Lee Konstantinou; Karen Nelson; Orrin Wang


The Center for Literary & Comparative Studies and the Department of English with support from the Division of Research; The Graduate School; the Office of Undergraduate Studies; the College of Arts & Humanities; the Center for Synergy, the iSchool; the School for Languages, Literatures, and Cultures; the School for Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies; the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities; the Potomac Center for the Study of Modernity; Honors Humanities; and the Departments of American Studies, Art, Art History & Archaeology, Computer Science, Kinesiology, and Women's Studies.

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