Conversation with Paloma Mohammed

October 29, 2013
2:40 - 4:15 PM
0236 Tawes Hall
As part of a series of Skype conversations supported by the Center for Literary and Comparative Studies, playwright Paloma Mohamed will be speaking (via Skype) to an undergraduate class on Caribbean Literature. The discussion is scheduled to take place on Tuesday October 29 at 3:40pm in Room #0236. Paloma Mohamed will speak about her play Chupucabra, which uses

Caribbean folk mythology to encourage a discussion of AIDS. Khalid Yaya Long, a Ph.D. student in the Theater Department, is working with students and members of a community organization on a staged presentation of Chupucabra, scheduled to take place in Ulrich on November 10.

Dr. Paloma Mohamed-Martin is an award winning playwright who has won the coveted Guyana Prize for Literature 3 times. She was Artistic Director of the highly successful Carifesta X held in Guyana in 2008. She is currently Director of the Centre for Communication Studies at the University of Guyana where she teaches Advanced Broadcast, Advanced Communication Research and Social Psychology. Paloma Mohamed’s area of academic research is communication and social change. She also studies the media in the Caribbean and popular cultures as interstices of change. She has published several works, including Communication, Power and Change in the Caribbean (Hansib); Caribbean Mythology and Modern Life: 5 Plays for Young People (The Majority Press Inc) and Condoned by Our Silence: Issues Impacting The Abuse of Children in Guyana (Georgetown, UNICEF).

The 3:40 pm discussion with Paloma Mohamed is free and open to the public. Visitors welcome!

For more information contact: Merle Collins (collinsm@UMD.EDU)