Marshall Grossman Lecture Series: Rob Wakeman, Article Workshop

November 20, 2013
4:30 - 6:00 PM
2115 Tawes Hall

Nov. 20: MGLS: Wakeman


During the meeting we will discuss revising the pre-circulated essay into a publishable article. For a copy of the essay, please email Rob Wakeman <>.


The agroecological concept of "tathing" stresses the important relationship between trampling sheep and fertile soil. In this article, I consider the stages of the Towneley and Chester Shepherds' Plays as sheepfolds sated with all manner of lively ovine materials. Wool, mutton, urine and feces, breath, and the warmth of bodies are passed between the actors and animals on their path toward the discovery of the Agnus Dei.  Against readings that maintain the use of sheep, food, and animal waste would have been mimed or otherwise rendered “imaginary,” I argue that the concept of a tathed stage provides the plays' metaphors their organic complexity and the plays' allegory its fertile soil.

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