Lecture: Youngmin Kim, "Digital Humanities, Posthumanism, and World Literature"

March 11, 2020
3:30 - 5:00 PM
2115 Tawes Hall

Digital Humanities, Posthumanism, and World Literature

Abstract: Humans passing the era of 21th-century now confront the new humanisim grappling with the fundamental principles such as autonomy, reason, free will, and consciousness, which have come under attack from many perspectives:

  1. anti-humanist positions such as poststructuralism and postmodernism, which see human subject as the manifestation of the Other in the symbolic order of language;
  2. political positions such as feminism and ecological environmentalism, which decenter/recenter human subject in terms of gender and nature;
  3. posthumanism which sees technology as the cornerstone for human transcendence.

What appears to be a crisis becomes an opportunity when one sees from a different perspective. The anti-humanist attack from the first poststructuralist/postmodernist position provides such a perspective, and posthumanism/ transhumanism is such an opportunity, whereas the other positions have their shares in overcoming the crises as well. In this context, nevertheless, the lecture will focus on the significance of literature in the era of hyperconnectivity and posthuman/digital convergence.

Photo: Youngmin Kim, who will deliver the lecture "Digital Humanities, Posthumanism, and World Literature" on 11 Mar 2020Youngmin Kim has been teaching literatures in English and critical theory at the Department of English, Dongguk University since 1991 after he got his Ph.D. at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is currently Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus at Dongguk University, and Jack Ma Chair Professor of Ma Yun Education Fund at Hangzhou Normal University (2019-2020). He was Dean of the International Relations, and Dean of the Humanities at Dongguk University. He has received the Order of Merit for Enhancement of the Humanities from Minister of Education of Korea, Distinguished Research Award, Lifetime Scholarly Achievement Award, and Best Teaching Award from Dongguk University, Newbridge Silver Literary Award and Feeney Award for Gerard Manley Hopkins Scholarship. He was Visiting Professor at Cornell University and Sapporo Gakuin University in Japan, and Visiting Scholar of English and Affiliate Faculty of East Asia Center at the University of Virginia. He has been Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of English Language and Literature of Korea (2013-2021). He had served as President of William Butler Yeats Society, Jacques Lacan & Contemporary Psychoanalysis Society, English Language and Literature Association of Korea; as Vice President of IASIL(International Association of the Study of Irish Literatures) and IAELC(International Association of Ethical Literary Criticism). He also served as The Advisory Board Member of Institute of World Literature at Harvard University, and now Editorial Board member of CLCWeb, Foreign Literature Studies, Journal of International Yeats Studies. Recent publications appeared in Neohelicon, Comparative Literature Studies, and Foreign Literature Studies,The Journal of English Language and Literature of Korea, etc. He is currently working on the Global Research Network Project, “Trans Media, Digital Humanities, and World Literature” (2017-2020) granted by the Korea Research Foundation/Ministry of Education of Korea. His current interest is Yeats, Pound, and modern and contemporary British, American, Canadian and Irish Poetry, transnationalism and cultural translation, Lacanian Psychoanalysis and critical theory, comparative literature and world literature, interdisciplinary border-crossing humanities, and Digital Humanities.

For more information contact: Ralph Bauer (bauerr@umd.edu)