Book Launch: Lindsay Bernal

October 3, 2018
12:00 - 1:00 PM
2115 Tawes Hall

2018.10.03: Book Launch: Lindsay Bernal, WHAT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO DO WITHLindsay Bernal will discuss her book, What It Doesn't Have to Do With (University of Georgia Press, 2018) which is a 2017 National Poetry Winner, with Liz Arnold. Please join us as we celebrate Lindsay's accomplishments!

Description, from UGA's website:

Lindsay Bernal’s What It Doesn’t Have to Do With explores—through sculpture, painting, pornography, and performance art—changing views on gender and sexuality. The elegiac meditations throughout this collection link the objectification of women in art and life to personal narratives of heartbreak, urban estrangement, and suicide. Haunted by the notions of femininity and domesticity, the protagonist struggles to define the self in shifting cultural landscapes. Ezra Pound, Louise Bourgeois, and Morrissey coexist within the unruly, feminist imagination of these poems. Through quick turns and juxtapositions, Lindsay Bernal navigates the paradoxical states of grief and love, alternating between vulnerability and irony, despair and humor. Her wry, contemporary voice confronts serious subjects with unpredictable wit.

Excerpt from "Venice Is Sinking"
how I wish I were a woman frescoed
in a loose dress, pulled by the hair to heaven. Or Titian’s voluptuous Virgin
rising above everyone who tries to touch her. Red gown, blue shawl, her gaze always God-ward
she can’t bear to look down.

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