ENGL393 - Technical Writing
0209 - Instructor: TBA
WB13 - Phillip Moses
WB23 - Pamela Orel

Prerequisite: ENGL101; or students who have taken courses with comparable content may contact the department. Restriction: Must have earned a minimum of 60 credits.

The writing of technical papers and reports.

Technical writing teaches students how to make the technologies with which they work understandable to many different types of readers. The course covers the complex process writers need to learn to accomplish this goal, including how to research efficiently; how to accommodate information for specific audiences; how to use stylistic and visual devices to make information more accessible; and how to edit their work as well as their peers'. Students will apply the skills they learn to a wide variety of formats, which may include technical descriptions, letters/resumes, instructional manuals, brochures, research reports, memorandums, progress reports, and proposals. Assignments parallel the writing demands students will face both in college and in the workplace. Students will emerge as powerful, confident and effective communicators.

For more information about this course please see the Professional Writing Programs website.