CMLT270 - Global Literature and Social Change

Comparative study of literature through selected literary works from several non-Western cultures, viewed cross-culturally in light of particular social, political, and economic perspectives.

What is Literature? What makes literature global? Specifically, what is global literature and how does social change affect definitions and understanding of literature? CMLT270 is a study of diverse genres (fiction, non-fiction, and film) from a global perspective with a particular focus on social and cultural change in the modern world. Through the comparative study of texts from diverse countries, we will identify common themes while engaging issues of race, class, language, ethnicity, religion, and gender. We will also explore topics such as nationalism, transnationalism, colonialism, postcolonialism, globalization and other aspects of local and international politics and history to understand the theoretical and affective intersections between culture, history and literature. You will learn what these terms mean through our study of works by Aravind Adiga, Julia Alvarez, Mariama Ba, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Marjane Satrapi. This six-week online course is student-centered and reading-intensive. Students will be required to participate in frequent online discussions, write two short essays and do group work and short quizzes.