ENGL388 - Writing Internship: Pre-Professional Writing Skills Internship
This online course supports students placed in professional writing, editing, and research internships in publishing houses, law offices, media outlets, PR firms, government and nonprofit agencies, etc. around the country. Students can research available internships through the English Department listserv or book of solicitations located in our office; they can also find their own internships. Acceptable internships will require a minimum time commitment of 140 hours, with at least 50 percent of that time devoted to writing, research, and editing activities. Other requirements for course enrollment include a 2.5 GPA, successful completion of Professional Writing (Junior English), or permission of the instructor. Students must submit an application packet for the course once they have been offered an internship. Course assignments include daily log-keeping, several 2-4 page formal reports, and a final portfolio. Interns acquire professional skills and experience, develop networks, and explore career possibilities. They also develop excellent resume experience and learn how to go about a job search. Students interested in interning but in need of assistance may schedule an appointment with the Internship Coordinator to discuss strategies for locating appropriate internships.