ENGL250 - Introduction to Literature by Women

An introduction to writing by women designed to explore the literary and political issues which emerge, including gender, genre, race, class, ethnicity, sexuality and the place of women in literary history. Students read widely across centuries, genres, and cultures. Required texts include one women’s literature anthology (TBA) and various online texts posted to Elms. Course requirements: one paper (5-7 pages), blog posts/discussion, short writing assignments, presentation, final exam.

This is an online course, which means that students take on a greater role in working with issues raised by the assigned texts. Along with more formal written assignments, students must be willing to engage in collaboration and discussion with their classmates through a variety of online course delivery systems. While the course homepage will be a traditional Elms (Blackboard) course space, students will also be expected to engage with the following:

Skype: all students will sign up for an account, which will be shared with the instructor and other students.

Wimba live classroom: students must familiarize themselves with Wimba Classroom and ensure that their computers are ready for Wimba. Wimba tutorials are available at http://otal.umd.edu/videos#wimba (the final link on the page is specifically designed for students).

Course blog: students will create and respond to blog entries posted by both the instructor and classmates.

There is no stipulated time for class meetings, but students must complete and submit assignments according to posted dates/times. Students must sign up for two mandatory video (or audio, if necessary) conferences with the instructor, which will be conducted via Skype. Students will also sign up for one short presentation, to be delivered to the instructor via Wimba, then archived on Elms for the class.