CMLT270 - Global Literature and Social Change

This course is designed to introduce undergraduate students to contemporary global literature and the many ways in which such literature helps us understand global issues. During the course we will read novels, poems, plays, view films and other visual media from different parts of the world in order to grasp how a variety of writers and artists represent our global environments. We may think about words and concepts such as nationalism, transnationalism, planetary, citizen, terrorist, fundamentalism, pollution and toxicity, to help us grasp how literature from all around the world represents these ideas. Hopefully, by the end of this class we will have understood that we all need to develop innovative and novel ways of grasping cultural differences and problems that face us in the 21st century.

There will be daily assignments which will include posting comments and questions on the discussion board section of Blackboard; responding to readings on your ejournals and being peer evaluated on your entries; three short response essays (2 pages double spaced), and one final examination for this course. The final examination will be in essay form. You will be given four questions and you will answer two. There will be two question in each section in an either or format. You need to familiarize yourself with Blackboard in order to be able to take this class. All relevant documents other than the anthology you will have to purchase will be posted under Course Documents on Blackboard. We will also be using the Discussion Board feature on a regular basis. All announcements will be posted using the Announcement Feature and so you must make sure that your email is accurately registered.

This is an online course; cross-listed as ENGL278E.