ENGL479L - Selected Topics in English and American Literature after 1800; Writers and Artists: Visual Arts in Writing Lives

Poet Frank O’Hara “would rather [have been] / a painter” and yet aren’t we glad he kept the brush in others’ hands? This course examines why and how writers reach toward to the visual arts (painting, photography, sculpture, film) and the impact that these intra-aesthetic conversations have on how writers live and what they make. We will consider books and projects from C.D. Wright, John Ashbery, and others, as well as works from writers who double as visual artists such as Rachel Eliza Griffiths and giovanni singleton. Students will give a short presentation, write reading responses, and produce a research paper at semester’s end.


Major Requirements Met:

·         Pre-2018 Green Sheet Major: Meets American, African American, or US Ethnic Writing OR Upper Level Elective

·         2018 Forward Major with Tracks: Meets Modern and Contemporary Periods OR Literary and Cultural Studies Track- General OR Media Studies Track (Image/Moving Image OR Print and Script)

·         English Education Major: Meets 20th Century British or American OR 400-level elective

·         Creative Writing Minor: Meets requirement for one course in Literature