ENGL759B - Seminar in Literature and the Other Arts; Art and Black Queer Studies

This cultural studies graduate seminar will explore the emerging fields of Black Queer Studies and queer of color critique (QOCC) through art and critical theory. Black Queer Studies and QOCC attend to the lived realities of sexual minorities, social and political theories about these groups, as well as the cultural productions that attempt to capture and interpret these lives and theories. In order to come to terms with these areas of study, we will focus on African American and Black Diasporic art--specifically literature, visual art, film, and popular culture. A central goal of the seminar is to determine what “queerness” signifies as political rhetoric and cultural expression. In the process, we will take note of how artists employ specific strategies and techniques to produce experimental forms and genres. We will also consider the ways in which state and institutional power sometimes provides the foundation for and sometimes interrupts articulations of queer identity. A significant portion of the class will also be dedicated to developing skills for academic writing and learning about (and preparing for) the publishing process. The course will be useful to students in a number of fields and with varying interests: sexuality studies, Critical Race Theory, African American & Diasporic literatures, American Studies, visual culture, and social history

Meets the Modern and Contemporary requirement in the MA Literature track