ENGL358F - Special Topics in U.S. Latinx Literature; Contemporary Latinx Literature
This course surveys Latinx fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction published in the 21st century. Together we’ll explore some of the most important themes, genres, formal developments, authors, and critical contexts within Chicano/a, U.S. Central American, Dominican-American, Puerto Rican, Cuban-American, and U.S. South American literature. Among the questions we’ll ask are: How do we interpret Latino/a writings in relation to other traditions of U.S. literature and the literature of the Americas? How do Latino/a authors use their writing to make sense of the past and its relation to the present? What does Latino/a literature teach us about language and language diversity in the United States? How are developments in the global media-landscape changing the production, consumption, and form of Latino/a literature? What insight does literature give us into the circuits of power in our world, including the intersections of money, sex, gender, race, work, migration, and more? Our explorations will include poetry, short stories, a novel, and creative non-fiction. Among the authors on the syllabus are: Rhina P. Espaillat, Junot Díaz, Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, Elizabeth Acevedo, William Archila, Aracelis Girmay, Richard Blanco, Daniel Alarcón, Maya Chinchilla, and Carolina Ebeid. Grades will be based on quizzes, journals, 10-15 pages of formal writing, and a final exam.