ENGL329W - Special Topics in Film Studies; Race, Film and Narrative

This course will survey African-American involvement in American cinema history by looking both at films produced and directed by African Americans, as well as images of and performances by African Americans in films by white filmmakers. Representations involving racer in the United States have been the outcome of contests over the place of blacks in American political, cultural, and social life. In this course we will explore the changing politics of black imagery in the first century of American film-making, from Within Our Gates to Moonlight. Central to this exploration will be a study of African American visual culture and its participation in the historical and contemporary dialogue about race, gender, class, and sexuality in American society.

Prerequisite: ENGL245, FILM245, FILM283, or SLLC283; or permission of instructor.

Note: Repeatable to 9 credits if content differs.