ENGL304 - The Major Works of Shakespeare

Restriction: Must not have completed ENGL403 or ENGL404.

Representative early, middle, and later works, including comedies, tragedies, histories, and romances. Historical and cultural contexts.

This course will focus on “Shakespeare and Media”: that is, the printed books, manuscripts, theatrical settings, actors, musical instruments, and other means by which Shakespeare’s plays and poems were transmitted. Readings will include the Sonnets, Titus Andronicus, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry V, Hamlet, Cymbeline, and The Tempest. We will also read contextual material, scholarship on Shakespeare’s works, and scholarship on the media history of the early modern period. Requirements will include weekly blog posts, two writing assignments, and a final exam.
Restriction: Must not have completed ENGL403 or ENGL404. Two lower-level English courses, at least one in literature; or permission of ARHU-English department.