ENGL738A - Seminar in Nineteenth-Century Literature; Romanticism and the Encounter with the Negative
0101 - Orrin Wang

A seminar that examines the way that Romantic-period writings give us an aesthetic, social, and philosophical blueprint to understand notions of the negative: death, finitude, madness, loss, waste, non-productive time, and non-value.  Underlying the course will be the premise that a pedagogical engagement with the negative is today especially imperative, given the increasingly utilitarian and instrumental demands coloring the modern humanities, and that within Romanticism the vocabulary for such an engagement can especially be discerned.  Writers to be read include Blake, Coleridge, Keats, Godwin, Hegel, P.B. Shelley, M. Shelley, and Wordsworth, as well as such thinkers as Derrida, Butler, Zizek, and Malabou.  Seminar requirements: presentations, a short paper, and a research seminar paper.