ENGL668K - Readings in Modern Literary Theory; Introduction to Digital Studies in the Arts and Humanitites

This course is required for students intending to pursue the Digital Studies in the Arts and Humanities Graduate Certificate; it is open to all, however. It is designed to introduce you to current topics and critical issues in this diverse, complex, and rapidly changing field, with a special emphasis on approaches to Digital Studies as practiced by here at UMD. The course will combine readings and an overview of key topics and methodologies with hands-on workshops, critical discussion, guest speakers (both from campus and elsewhere), and site visits to relevant destinations. Examples of topical areas to be covered include Data Mining the Social Web, Reimagining the Archive, Digital Aesthetics/Digital Play, and Global Digital Identities. Evaluation will be based on weekly exercises, class participation, presentations, and a written reflective essay. No special skills are required or assumed other than a willingness to experiment and learn.