ENGL329I - Special Topics in Film Studies; Film and the Fantastic: Fantasy Films from Melies to Marvel
0101 - Paul Cote

From Georges Melies’s early flights of fancy to modern day franchises built on superheroes, cinema has always shared a unique relationship with fantasy.  But why?  Why have film audiences, virtually since the birth of cinema itself, been so consistently drawn towards the fantastic - towards imaginary worlds, outlandish sights, and impossible dreamscapes?  What do these films offer - an escape from reality, a critique of reality, a nostalgic indulgence, or something else entirely?  And how does the nature of cinema impact our understanding of fantasy as a concept?  This course will address these questions through an international exploration of fantasy films from directors such as Jean Cocteau, Jim Henson, Jan Švankmajer, Guillermo del Toro, Terry Gilliam, Hayao Miyazaki, Julie Taymor, and Peter Jackson.   


Also offered as FILM344. Credit granted for ENGL329I or FILM344. Prerequisite: ENGL245, FILM245, SLLC283, or FILM283; or permission of instructor.