ENGL292 - Writing for Change

Prerequisite: Permission of ARHU-English department. Recommended: ENGL101. Restriction: Requires application and references.

Service learning in collaboration with students at area high schools. Explores how writing can be a tool for social change. Participants serve as mentors, create a performance event concerning a pressing social issue, and compose reflections, literacy narratives, publicity materials, and a multimodal project. Focus on developing critical self-awareness.

This class offers students an opportunity to combine service with scholarship. We will work with ninth grade students at local Northwestern High School to explore the ways writing can be used as a tool for social change. In collaboration with the high school students, we will host a performance event that opens a dialogue surrounding a pressing social issue.

In addition to tutoring and mentoring, this class requires a good deal of writing. You will write multiple reflections, a literacy narrative, a creative composition, publicity materials, and a multimodal community investigation project. You will conduct independent research and will be expected to switch fluidly between academic, creative, professional, and hybrid genres. We will also focus on developing critical self-awareness of our own relationships with literacy, writing, and dialects of power.

In addition to two weekly 75-minute meetings, this class requires commitment to an off-campus service-learning component for about 90 minutes, once a week (Tuesdays from 9:20-10:55, including transportation time).   There will also be a small fee collected for paperwork involved in volunteering at NHS. The course has no prerequisites, but completion of ENGL101 is strongly recommended. 

English majors interested in taking this class as ENGL388C, the Community Engagement Internship, can do so by signing up through the English Undergraduate Studies Office. This course is being offered as part of new campus outreach efforts and in conjunction with the Leadership and Community Service Learning unit of Stamp Student Union.

Also offered as ENGL388C. Click here to read an April 2014 article about the class written by the Capital News Service.