ENGL275 - Writing to be Seen: Scriptwriting for Theatre, Film, and Television
0101 - Douglas Kern
0102 - Douglas Kern

Also offered as: ARHU275. Credit only granted for: ENGL278D, ENGL275, ARHU319B, or ARHU275. Formerly: ENGL278D; ARHU319B.

Introduction to theory and practice of scriptwriting with opportunity to read, view, evaluate, write, and revise texts meant to be performed for spectators. Practice writing for the stage, film and television, with emphasis on critical reading of textual and visual literary models. Theory and scholarship teaching opportunities and advantages of each format. Application of scholarship to analysis and critique of plays and texts successful across two different formats. Examination of selected scripts, performances, and film and television clips as models for students' own creative work. Frequent writing exercises and use of workshop format.