ENGL293 - Writing in the Wireless World

Digital technology has changed the way we receive and relate information. Reading and writing have transformed from being what was once mainly a print phenomenon to pixel-based practices. Claims now appear in a variety of forms: visual, sounds, YouTube clips, etc. This makes developing multiliteracies--the ability to compose, read, and analyze multiple media--crucial to becoming an alert and informed citizen in the 21st century. Recognizing that the way we "read" and "write" is now no longer confined to the printed words alone, this course engages you in analyzing and producing digital multimodal compositions that blend alphabetic texts, images, and aural elements such as a visual banner, audio campaign, and YouTube video. You will learn to apply the principles of rhetoric to examine and produce digital artifacts appropriate to your purpose, audience, and context. By integrating rhetoric and technology, the course allows you to use rhetorical concepts as robust, dynamic tools to evaluate, interpret, and make strategic choices in digital multimodal composing. Ultimately, this knowledge enables you to become a more critically and rhetorically informed viewer, listener, and authors of multimedia arguments in your daily life. No prior multimedia experience is expected. Class will be conducted as a seminar and hands-on technology workshop. Assignments will include 3 major digital projects, weekly blogs, and quizzes.

Credit only granted for: ENGL278Z or ENGL293. Formerly: ENGL278Z.


Recommended: ENGL101.