ENGL451 - Renaissance Drama II

This course is an intense look at English Drama from 1603 to 1640, exclusive of Shakespeare.  We shall closely read about six plays from the period, selected from among Ben Jonson's "Bartholomew Fair" (1614);  Jonson-Chapman-&-Marston's "Eastward Ho" (1605);  Thomas Middleton's "The Revenger's Tragedy" (1606); Philip Massinger's "A New Way to Pay Old Debts" (1625);  John Marston's "The Malcontent" (1603);  and John Webster's "The Duchess of Malfi" (1613).  Depending on how well-versed the class is in Shakespeare studies, we may also read a single Shakespearean play, for context (play to be determined).  We shall also read a few modern plays dealing with the period, such as Howard Brenton's "Anne Boleyn" (2010) and his "55 Days" (2012; about the trial and execution of Charles I); Caryl Churchill's "Light Shining in Buckinghamshire" (1976); or David Edgar's "Written on the Wind" (2011; about the composition of, and the politics behind, the King James Bible).  Each student will also be given his own play and playwright to write a 15-page critical and response paper on.  Reguired: 40 pages of writing and three exams.


Two English courses in literature; or permission of ARHU-English department.