ENGL439C - Major American Writers after 1865: Hemingway and his Competitors

I am writing a book on Hemingway, and I need your help. The book is called Hemingway: The Unending Career, and it focuses on the fact that almost half of the works credited to him have been published after his death. Many of these books, like The Garden of Eden, have been quarried out of the vast trove of manuscripts deposited by Hemingway's widow in the late 1960s at the Kennedy Library. It is now clear that Hemingway was engaged in a vast, unfinished work at the time of his death, and that all along he was an inveterate reviser, a writer who worked very hard to find what he called "one true sentence." We will read all we can manage, starting with In Our Time and ending with A Moveable Feast. Along the way, we will take a look at work by his friendly rivals, Fitzgerald and Faulkner. Some kind of significant research paper will be required.