ENGL748A - "The Sixties" and After in American Literature

This course will examine literary representations of "the Sixties" and its legacies. Among the questions we will ask: How has writing of the last several decades mediated the Sixties to later generations? What role has literature played in the making of Sixties sentimentality? What impact did the Frankfurt-inspired critique of mass society have on literary depictions of the suburbs, media, sex, and consumption? How did the world-changing social movements of that decade influence not just what we read, but also how we read? 

Literary texts will include work by Joan Didion, Alice Walker, Samuel Delany, Maxine Hong Kingston, Gish Jen, Andrea Lee, and CherrĂ­e Moraga.

Scholarly texts will include work by Lauren Berlant, Laura Pulido, T.V. Reed, Mark Anthony Neal, Kobena Mercer, Rebecca Klatch, Van Gosse, and Todd Gitlin. Requirements include a personal statement, a conference-style presentation, an annotated bibliography, and a seminar essay.