ENGL689 - Fiction Workshop

The focus of the class will be student writing, although each student will be expected to bring in a story of their choosing for discussion at some point during the semester and I will be providing supplementary stories and essays as the need arises, as well as selected readings from the Writers Here & Now reading series roster. We will do a close reading of a novel at some point as well. Each student should be prepared to facilitate the discussion of the story he or she chooses. In addition, each student will be required to facilitate the discussion of another student’s work. You may submit stories, or novel chapters though if you choose to submit a novel excerpt that is not the first chapter, you are required to submit an accompanying synopsis of the novel. Requirements: workshop submissions, one-page critiques for the outside story and the workshop story, one-page critiques for each piece of student writing submitted for discussion (to be given to the author), and rigorous class participation.