ENGL493 - Advanced Expository Writing

The blank page is busy with unwritten expectations for writing. Over time, often by trial and error, and with occasional bumps along the way, we learn to write for different situations and purposes. This semester you will practice skills that will help you learn to write for new situations with less guessing and quicker success. We will study the concept of genre from a rhetorical perspective in order to learn to approach new writing tasks with tools to understand their unwritten purposes, motivations, and conventions. Within the context of these purposes, motivations, and conventions, we will practice writing in ways that both meet and challenge expectations. We will come to see genres as providing rules for play that both link us to social expectations and enable us to innovate.  Over the semester we will study the concept of genre, read studies of genres in academic and professional settings, and analyze and write texts in a range of public, academic, professional, and new media genres. Our central aim is to become more effective writers, more alert readers, and more acute observers of the social significance of textual production and circulation. Course workload includes weekly readings, weekly writing exercises, a theory essay, a genre analysis report, and a genre writing portfolio. 

For English majors, the pre-requisite is waived.