ENGL428X - Seminar in Language and Literature: Ulysses

During the course of the semester we will also pay significant attention to three other concerns: 1) Ulysses' role in the history of narrative literature (How was it categorized when it appeared? How does it consummate the experimental literature of the time and also prefigure radical forms in use today? What kind of reader does it construct and reward? 2) Ulysses as anti-imperial discourse (in what senses is this an anti- or postcolonial text? How does it expose the colonizers' language, ideology, and narratives)? And 3) How does the text imagine the self; and in particular, what role does gender play in the construction of the self? 
To better situate the book within Joyce's own development, we will begin with a careful reading of some of Joyce's stories from *Dubliners*, move on to selections from *Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man*, and do a sustained reading of *Ulysses*.
Assignments: One short (4-5 pp) and one longer (8-9 pp) papers, several short response papers (one page), and a short parody.


Junior standing. For ENGL majors only. Repeatable to 9 credits if content differs. Course intended primarily for students in English Honors Program. English majors with strong academic records may also apply. Permission from the Director of Honors required.