ENGL300 - Writing About Literature


Discerning how a text “speaks” to its audience is one of the pleasures of literary analysis.  However, writing an essay that effectively presents this analysis requires both skill and practice.  To prepare students for upper level coursework in English, we will be focusing on acquiring and employing those tools and methods needed to successfully analyze various literary texts, including plays, poetry, short stories, and a novel.  As we work through these texts, students will craft essays that focus on literary analysis, style, clarity and engagement with other points of view.  Using professional examples of critical essays as a point of departure, students will work through the writing process to create and perfect their own argumentative essays, culminating in a final research paper.  (Pre- or co-requisite: English 301)



Pre- or corequisite: English 301


Degree Requirements Met:

English major and minor course requirements

* Group One

o Literary, Linguistic, and Rhetorical Analysis

* Group Two

o Elective Courses